Academic education

Every day we find more pupils who have difficulties on time to learn and achieve new knowledge. For that, in Trivium we can work with them in one to one way, with pares, groups or we offer an space to study to improve their system training.

Through the academic education we would like to guide and help the student with his understanding, expression and analysis.


Travelling is the best experience to learn and educate, the languages link you to achive it.

The learning of new languages enable you to know new destinies, you won’t lose the possiblility to live these experiences.

Addressed from the youngest to the oldest. English, Dutch, French, German and others…

We offer school courses, one to one class as well linguistic exchange.

Family support

We don’t always have the resources to resolve the education problems of our child, in school, free time or at home. By the family support we realize group sessions to explain your family situation and try to cooperate on its development, talking about taboo subjects which we don’t know how to approach, home patterns, behaviour, etc…

We also offer you individual and personal sessions. 

Learning workshop

Designed for adults, young people and children.

With these workshops we would like to improve the personal skills in our work, student and day-to-day life.

Computer courses, reading abilities, oral expression, history, social networks, etc…


Opening seminaries to public allow us to acquire, dialoge, discuss, learn new issues about currently themes.


Finding a space to consider and share ideas which they guide you to the world of learning.

We talk about everything, therefore your word can't remain mute!!

Handicrafts & Birthday Parties

Art and manual techniques help us to motor development, relaxing, imagination, etc…

Learn new ways to inspire yourself doing our weekly lessons or having workshops.

Would you like to enjoy a different Birthday? Come and enjoy your day with the arts and your friends.

Learning philosophy

The education has to be the structure of the person, that’s why, we base in teaching to get the person able to think, contemplate, defend and create his ideological approach.


As education centre we would like to give the majority of experiences and help the person for which proverty.

Our services are focused to learn the basic school education, to develop the linguistic and artistic skills, to share and to express different opinions and to know new ones.


Trivium means the 3 classical ways of Greek defined due to the grammar, dialectical and oratory.  

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